Concept and Identity

We start our branding approach with a full identity concept. From here we decide on where you want to go with your brand and what elements are most important to you. We then create a full branding package for you to use and build your site with. 

Branding Elements


We all know the logo is one of the most important elements to defining your brand. We have gifted designers who have a modern aesthetic.   We will give you multiple options to choose from. Below is a before and after of a logo design we did for Sew Fun Studios. You can see the before is hard to read, has a dated font, the stitching detail you cannot even see, the colors are not complimentary and the 'studios' is completely lost altogether. We rebranded the entire company and gave it a fresh modern feel





Colors are important and can make or break your brand. We make sure to pick strong colors that show strongly on the web and in print. We make sure all materials that we create stay within this color palette. 

  • Neutrals and soft colors are important of contrast and background elements
  • Bold and bright colors are great for text and infographics etc



We love fonts! If we had to be a font we would be Frenchy (see below). We understand the science behind a font. There are feminine fonts, masculine fonts, neutral ones, sports fonts, lazy fonts. We know how to select the best modern typeface for your brand!



On any website it is important to have unique elements that are unique to your site. The SF below is our favicon but we also use it on the bottom of posts or ads or even printed materials.  We have artists who know how to create fun and unique elements that you can use over and over again.



Brand messaging is one of the most important elements to digital marketing. Your messaging needs to be strong, concise, and consistent. We get to know your audience and this will help understand how to speak to them. 


brand identity 2.png

Competitor Research

Knowing your competition is one of the best things you can do for your business. We analyze the successful competitors in your space to find out what is making them so successful. Here are a few ways we can do this:

  • Keyword Research, find out what keywords they are paying for and how much
  • Content Comparison, analyze the content they are putting out there
  • Social Media Strategy, do an audit on what channels work for them and why