Content is key to optimizing a business’ search rankings, increasing site traffic and driving conversions.
— Tech In Asia


Why should I hire an outside firm to create my content?

Well in short terms we will be much cheaper for you! If you have to go out and hire a writer, cinematographer, branding team, SEO strategist, web developer, social media marketing firm and more you would be spending 50K a month as a company! We do all of that here and we work together to give you the best price possible for content generation. Obviously quotes will vary depending on what you need. For example video production is expensive. We work on a month to month basis so some months may be more depending on what you need. We are all a la carte!

Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes and No. It is only month to month! This is rare for companies to do but we feel so great about our team that we offer month to month services. We can help you find ways to save money depending on what is most important for your success. We will be totally up front and honest with you and in the long run you will save a lot more money with a fully optimized website, product, clear brand messaging, and engaging content. You will make your investment with us back in no time.

What sort of video production do you do?

We do something very special. We have the best cinematographers in the business who help us great 'storyline' marketing videos. Our style is cutting edge and ahead of the game. We know that marketing is most effective when a story is told. The 'characters' your audience will connect with is how you get people to connect with your product. There is a reason advertising is moving in the 'sentimental story telling' direction. Effective marketing pulls at the heart strings and keeps a customer thinking about your brand long term. 

Why do I need social channels?

We can go on and on about this but long story short... it is how people search for companies today. They want to see what other people say about you or who follows you. People want what we call 'social proof' before they buy into it or even become interested. To give you an example of this there were two ads that ran on Facebook. They were the same picture. One of the ads (Ad A) started as a promoted post with over 500 Likes, 25 Comments and 6 Shares. The other ad (Ad B) started with no social activity. Because Ad A already had what we call 'social proof' it was clicked on almost double the amount of times as Ad B. See what we mean?? The power of social presence is undeniable. 

Can we integrate a blog to our site?

Yes! We can help you do this. Of course we will need access to the back end of your site but we can help create the blog for you and even show your in house marketing team how to post and what to post. 

What is the difference between social media marketing and social media management?

There is a big difference actually!  

Social media management is managing all social channels with a clear and direct content strategy. We help you manage all of your platforms with regular posting, quarterly social audit, monthly content calendar and social media report. We help align your brand with products that help engage your target audience.

Social media marketing is completely different. It is full on PPC and display advertising using various social platforms. We test 2-3 of your choice and then hone in on the top performing platform for your brand. We design the creative, ad copy, campaign structure, landing pages etc. We also install conversion and remarketing pixels so we can optimize these campaigns. There is daily monitoring involved and constant tweaking to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck!